Just when you thought it was safe to return to the interwebs…


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There’s a new nerd news and geek culture website on the interwebs, and it’s called Geekend Update.

Geekend UpdateGeekend Update will be a weekly column reporting, reviewing, and commenting on nerd news and stories of interest to those of the geek culture — comics, movies, television, games, etc… If you already drag the interwebs for geek and nerd related pop culture news, odds are you’re not going to find any breaking news here. But, what you might find is a fresh and humorous take — and yes, a bit snarky, too.

I’ve been sitting on the domain name “” since early 2010, and have been renewing it every year. I figured it it was time to finally do something it. I’m also trying to justify the hours I spend on the interwebs following nerd news when I should be writing. The plan is to at least write about what I’m following to pad my weekly word count.

So… Please be sure to check out Geekend Update, bookmark the site, follow Geekend Update on Twitter, and like the Geekend Update Facebook page. Thank you for your support.

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A lone buoy floats in the calm waters of First City Harbor. Perched on top of the buoy and surveying the water around him is Shark Knight. He is hunched in a classic “Frank Miller-esque” pose—ready to leap into the ocean in the name of maritime justice at a moment’s notice.

CAPTION: “…to fight against crime and corruption, and never to swerve from the current of righteousness.

CAPTION 2: “For he is the sentinel of the sea…

CAPTION 3: “…the finned crusader…

CAPTION 4: “…the Shark Knight.”


And…I’m finished with the script for The Shark Knight Surfaces. As a webcomic story-arc for HERO HAPPY HOUR it should play out over the next three or so weeks over at

I did not hurry in the writing of The Shark Knight Surfaces. I tended to write it page-by-page as artist Chris Fason finished the art chores. So, it was a slow process, and the story changed direction a bit from its original projection. A lot of it depended on how Chris and I were “vibing” together with my writing being a direct reaction to the complete art pages he would send back. Maybe not the most traditional way for a writer/artist collaboration to work on a comic book, but we’ve been collaborating on Hero Happy Hour for over twelve years now.

But, that won’t be the end of the Shark Knight. Stay tuned…

Shark Knight

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